Shipping, Handling & Fees

Rhye Intimates ships worldwide at the following rates:

  • NZ Tracked Shipping = $5 NZD with a 2-5 business day delivery.

  • International Untracked Shipping = $10 NZD with a 3-10 business day delivery.

  • International Tracked Shipping = $20 NZD with a 3-10 business day delivery.

Packages are shipped and delivered within 2-5 business days for Domestic (New Zealand) orders and 3-10 business days for International orders after receipt of payment. This is subject to change at any time, and any delays resulting from public holidays or unforeseen circumstances are not subject to a refund.

Address changes must be completed BEFORE your subscription renews on the date of the month of which you originally subscribed, for the update to reflect on your new order. If addresses are not updated within that time frame, the carrier and Rhye Intimates reserves the right to process an additional forwarding fee.

Packages labeled “Fulfilled” to the current shipping address where confirmation of change in address was received BEFORE subscription was renewed, are eligible for free reshipment or refund. Packages otherwise labeled “Fulfilled” without proper shipping address confirmation are not eligible for refund nor reshipment and becomes the sole responsibility of the customer to avail themselves to receive the package.

Packages cannot be reshipped until the original package is retrieved by Rhye Intimates or related facility. Packages returned to us due to incorrect address by the customer are subject to the aforementioned reshipment/forwarding fee.

The ability to provide a correct address lies solely on the Customer and is not the responsibility of Rhye Intimates. Rhye Intimates will disburse packages to the mailing address provided by the customer either through the Website, Email, or Verbal transaction and is not responsible for the carrier’s ability, lack thereof or availability to provide successful delivery to the provided address.

Rhye Intimates is not liable for the delivery of packages once they’ve departed the shipping facility.