Our Vision

Even the smallest actions, such as buying underwear, can change the world. 


Founder Chantal Myers, believes we all have a part to play in empowering one another. Our vision is built on this, using underwear as a vehicle to help local women.  

For every monthly subscription, 10% of profits go to funding sustainable sanitary products for donation.

Period Poverty is real and alive, and for many young girls and women in our community, sanitary products are simply inaccessible. We want to support by providing a long-term solution for those who are forced to either stay home from school or work, or resort to substitute items instead. 


Every woman should feel comfortable and confident, so let’s help them get there one pair of underwear at a time.


10% of Your monthly subscription fee is used to fund sustainable sanitary products to donate to girls and women in need, from low deciles schools and women’s refuge camps in new zealand.