Our Story

The saying goes “empowered women, empower women”. We say, so does underwear. 

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Rhye Intimates was created as a way to empower women through items we use daily - underwear. embracing self-love and self-worth through the power that comes when you wear your cutest intimates, all for yourself.  

Each subscription takes that empowerment one step further, paying it forward to girls and women in our community who need support. 

For us that’s a win-win. It’s creating beautiful underwear that makes you feel powerful and radiant, while giving you an opportunity to help other women.

That’s why we started. And that’s the way we will continue, together.


Every woman should feel comfortable and confident, so let’s help them get there one pair of underwear at a time.


10% of Your monthly subscription fee is used to fund sustainable sanitary products to donate to girls and women in need, from low decile schools to women’s refuge camps in new zealand.